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Response to Alexandra: http://tiny.cc/52qLl

It’s strange that you wrote this today of all days. I haven’t tended to this blog which I set up for months. The reason being that my husband has started drinking again and I feel I can’t give advice and optimisim to others when I am finding it hard myself. Like your husband mine started to have a non alcho beer, then shandies then just ordinary beer. Then it was an occassional glass of wine with dinner. now he’s drinking two bottles of port a day plus wine and beer.

He has panic attacks when drink is leaving his system so a doctor has put on xanex again which was part of his addiction when he went into rehab 4 years ago. These with the drink make him spaced and I hate it. he recognises that its back and says he will do something ‘he has a plan’. So far the plan as I see it is to increase the amount of drinking!!

I knew this morning the next step is the depression setting in and sure enough he spent 10 minutes weeping down the phone at me while I was in work. Anyway last night I said no more I took our bank cards as it’s bill time of the month and there isn’t enough to cover everything because he is spending it on drink (it was probably this that made him cry!) but I also called the rehab centre he attended 4 years ago and made an appointment for Friday to go and talk to one of the counsellors who he had a lot of respect for – sometimes bringing in a third element or person can help solve the situation.

My husband too is a wonderful man when not drinking. Is there a counsellor or organisation you can maybe get a meeting with to help point out what’s happening and what action needs to be taken. He’s been through it before so he knows the steps and it seems to have worked for him then.